1964 Bizarre Shockumentary GO GO GO WORLD DVD

DVD Region 1 (NTSC) North America/Canada

COLOR. 1964. A "round the world" tour in the tradition of "Mondo Cane," showing the strange and bizarre activities of mankind. Strip-teases from around the world, women race drivers, German mud wrestlers, Hawaiians eating dogs, a Japanese Pachinko parlor, Italian ladies of the night in their sports cars, a strange French restaurant, modern Indian snake charmers, Tobruk "Blood Suckers," the bikinis at Cannes, the bull chase at Pamplona, Italian funerals, Austrian skull paintings, the Chinese baby exchange, New Guineas 8-year-old brides, Malaysian taxi-dancers and a chastity belt store! Much more is shown, sights to shock and surprise. Well photographed and startling.   In English. 85 minutes

DVD video


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