Incredibly BIZZARE collection of four (4) religious brainwash film shorts from the 1970's. They combine everything that is wrong about the teaching of morals to the community, yet they are inspiringly humorous as they are depressing as HELL!
Cipher In The Snow, 24 minutes, tells the story of a young boy who is
reduced to a total ZERO by his abusive stepfather, teachers, classmates,
etc. He is so ignored that he just DIES one day getting off the bus.
Teachers, parents and everyone else in turn start blaming themselves for
the poor boy's demise. Included is a real emotional scene where the boy is
beat up by some classmates who don't want him to help them with their
snowman. The boy then waits until they all leave and creates a sad face
for the snowman with COINS and a piece of SPEARMINT GUM. Truly a priceless
moment in cinema!
The Trophy Case, 25 minutes, tells the story of a 70's teenager (looks a
lot like Shaun Cassidy, no bargain there!) and his struggles with his rich
father. Some kind of morals are taught herein, as the father insists the
boy be more like himself....also included is some classic depression
soundtrack (like a bad Paul Williams scored film) and some cool drug abuse
scenes and an attempted 7-11 robbery. Campy, yet chic!
The Drop Card, 15 minutes, tells the story of a young Italian girl who
moves away from home to college. This coming of age tripe gets extremely
goofy when the whole theme focuses on her attempt to get her SPEECH 101
class dropped from her schedule. Her professor (who looks a lot like a
sexual predator) refuses to sign her Drop Card and harasses her to no end.
Has a nice entertaining ending that involves PIZZA DOUGH. Love this one
and it's depressing college life and true BELIEVE IN YOURSELF mantra....
IN ONE BLINDING MOMENT, 17 minutes, tells the story of a young boy on his
way to SHOW AND TELL at school. Along the way comes a speeding delinquent
teenager (got to love those JD's!) who runs over the boy at incredibly
high speed. Film focuses on the dead boy's parents hatred against the boy
who killed their son. They even verbally assault the kid on the way into
court! They then miraculously have a change of heart overnite and decide
to invite the boy who killed their son into their home and bake him a
homemade cake! A TRUE'll need two boxes of tissues for
this one....either to wipe your tears or to catch your phlegm from
laughing so hard!

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